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A Scale System To Meet All Your Needs

Posted by admin on November 13, 2016


Human error and lost-time are two major obstacles for timber related business. With its infinite variables, managing these accurately and in real-time has always been a challenge. Time is money and all too often, in the forest products industry, both are lost through inefficiency and  lack of control. Fortunately, ALDATA Software has over 20 years experience in forestry consulting and information technology. Its team, most who’ve been with the company over ten years, is made up of individuals with deep knowledge of the ins and outs surrounding these companies.

It’s with this insight that Scale Boss was born in 1995. It operates both as a stand-alone system, or in conjunction with Yard Boss or third-party accounting software. Scale Boss captures weight directly from the weigh scale sending load information back to the payment system. It automates the entire scale process, reducing human error thus, saving time by getting trucks over faster. 

Gone are the days of slow paper tickets filled out by drivers with ALDATA Software’s user-friendly touch screen interface or barcode integration. Scale Boss is configurable   to suit individual business and industry needs. Since all entries are validated against your contract or order information, Scale Boss provides error-free data entry and eliminates the need for scale operators. It also manages complicated cases such as sampling rules, quota or order limits, and truck overloads. It can even handle special cases such as split loads and cull deductions for your raw material supply.

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It has successfully been implemented in small-scale operations as well as industry leaders who have multiple sites and numerous contract models. Fully automated, Scale Boss is designed for raw or recycled fiber and is used by biomass plants, sawmills, lumber mills, pulp and paper mills and other related timber management facilities.